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After Direct Marketing “Pearls in the Oyster” for 3 years, opening hundreds of beautiful Akoya oysters from Ago Bay in Japan and mounting the pearls on gold or silver settings of the customer’s choice, I knew I wanted to research more about pearls. My passion for pearls became a desire to collect more information about them as I found that there was very little information available Book Stores, in Libraries and other media.

In a Library in Ohio, I found an address for Black Pearls of Tahiti. There were no computers at that stage to look everything up, so I wrote to them and received a reply from the Author, who promptly mailed me his book, called “Black Pearls of Tahiti”, with his permission to use any information I wanted. In turn I sent them books on the South African waters. This was the start of a friendship and every year when we exchanged Christmas greetings, there was always a little note from them asking “How is the book getting on?” A few years later his widow, Simone, now living in the USA, kindly allowed my late husband, Vernon, to take pictures of her collection of beautiful Jewelry, while she read what I had written about Tahitian pearls. All this added interest to my book. They had farmed with black pearls for over 20years.

One year the ‘Readers Digest’ magazine carried an article on the Abalone farm in New Zealand with lovely pictures, so I wrote to them and the farmer answered and agreed to send me his story in the mail including a few pictures, and so my book began to come together…

When in America visiting friends and family, we visited and gathered pictures of the American Pearl Company’s fresh-water pearl farm in Camden, Tennessee. Chessy, the mother of the original farm was busy removing lovely cultured fresh-water pearls from the mussels. She was able to tell us the History, and Gina sent me the whole story.

I knew about the Pearly King and Queen in London, and I managed to get their story too. In 2004 I had finally produced my 1st edition of “Pearls of Creation A-Z of Pearls”, with 160 pages packed full of information and pictures about pearls and three pearl farms around the world. I self-marketed my book by doing talks and word of mouth. I even did a talk to the Pearl Society of Chicago, in the beautiful Gallery and Studio of Eve Alfille’.

As word of my book spread, and interest grew, I started discovering more information and more pearl farms, which is when I decided that I needed to produce a 2nd edition of my book containing all this new information.

By now I was widowed and my plan was to visit two more pearl farms, the Award winning, Eyris Blue pearl farm in C.C. New Zealand as they had been in my first book. It was great actually visiting, feeling so at home with Roger, and seeing their farming operation first hand. We flew in one day via Sydney, to far north Darwin in Australia, to visit the Paspaley pearl farm. An amazing experience greeted us the next day, they had us on a Mallard, a sea-plane which took off on land, and landed 2 hours later in the water. We then climbed out onto a small motorboat, and we had no idea where we were going. In the distance we could see a large ship which we approached and boarded. On the ship they were removing beautiful pearls from the extra- large oysters. What a day we had as I was able to see and touch the new pearls! More interesting details of them taking in a harvest and re-nucleating the oysters can be found in my book...

Four more very special pearl farms, some of whom are Award winning farmers, which invited me to visit, were Pearls Fiji, Micronesia and Jewelmer in the Philippines, and a University culturing Conch pearls. Unfortunately I could not physically travel there so we corresponded via email. All were willing to contribute to my book which added a vast amount of new information.

The book contains a brief overview of seven interesting Pearl Farms. Their history, with their own pictures, is presented in age order – i.e. oldest farm to newest farm. You will find out more about the different methods which are used to cultivate their beautiful unique pearls. The rest of the story is just as interesting in the 330 page 2nd Edition…

The farms featured in my book are:



The A-Z section of the book is arranged alphabetically and fully cross-referenced. It includes lots of interesting and factual information under these titles and many more:
Abalone, Akoya, American Pearls, Appraising, Australian, Baroque, Biwa, Blister, Blue Pearls, Chinese Pearls, Color, Coral Reefs, Costume Jewelry, Cultured, Eyris Blue Pearl Co, Fiji Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Grafting, Half-pearls, Harvest season, Imitation Pearls, Japanese Pearls, Jewelmer Pearls, Jewelry, Keshi, Luster/orient, Mabé, Micronesia Pearls, Mollusks, Mother-of-Pearl, Nacre, Natural Pearls, Necklaces, New Zealand Pearls, Paspaley Pearls, Pearl Divers, Pearl Farms, "Pearlies", Pearls in the Bible, Philippines, Quality, Shapes, Size, South Sea, Stress, Tahitian Pearls, Zooplankton and more.

The book also contains many beautiful pictures and some diagrams to further enhance your knowledge of the topics covered.

My unique Bronze Award winning book covers every aspect of pearls. Marine life thrives with Nature Conservation, but can so easily be affected by natural or manmade disasters. The Bronze Award, in the category of Nature Conservation, was presented to me by the Jenkins Group in the USA in 2014.

“Pearls of Creation, A-Z of Pearls” is intended to help you to increase your knowledge of and interest in pearls.
As you marvel at all the facts, I am sure your love of pearls will also grow.


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"Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. He discovered a real bargain - a pearl of great value - and sold everything he owned to purchase it!"

- Matthew 13 : 45-46 -