Vaious pearls on displayOH, PEARL OF WISDOM

Oh iridescent beauty
with your lustre so divine,
tell me your secrets
how you've thrived through all of time..
Tell me how you come to be
so perfectly created,
how your beauty grows,
your nacre glows,
you shine like you're elated..
Oh miracle
from lake and sea,
share all your precious
secrets with me...
by Angela Homan
A unique, Bronze Award winning Non-fiction book, “Pearls of Creation, A-Z of Pearls”, 2nd Edition, will appeal to readers of all ages, and Genre, with numerous different interests, including Libraries, Scholars, pearl lovers, Jewelers and Gemologists, et al.

An important feature is the comprehensive, interesting, Cross-Referenced Dictionary covering every aspect of subjects pertaining to pearls from Abalone –Zooplankton.
The book covers God’s Creation of marine life, nature conservation, hatcheries, antiques, collectables, diving, knowing real pearls from fake pearls, and many more subjects including caring for your pearls.

Little known history of William Saville-Kent, the Pearly Kings and Queens of England and new information on cave pearls in New Mexico can be found in this book.

The fascinating history, dedication and passion with which six incredible, world renowned “Award winning” pearl farmers have established their own very successful farms, over many years, all are cultivating a variety of vastly different, beautiful, natural colored pearls.
These farms are found in Fiji, Micronesia, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand and Nashville, Tennessee, and Florida in the USA.

In essence, “Pearls of Creation, A-Z of Pearls” is an easy-to read, non-fiction tribute to God’s incredible environment, with many exquisite color photos and a celebration of beautiful pearls around the world.



"Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. He discovered a real bargain - a pearl of great value - and sold everything he owned to purchase it!"

- Matthew 13 : 45-46 -